“We lived in Scar-bro, a suburb that had mushroomed up and yellowed, browned, and blackened into life.” - David Chariandy, Brother (13)

Building on the recent success of writers such as David Chariandy, Catherine Hernandez and Carrianne Leung, FEEL WAYS seeks writing from Scarborough writers on Scarborough. Scarborough is not a monolith - evident from the way Carrianne Leung’s focuses on a pre-amalgamation era to Catherine Hernandez’s very recent, present-day version of the suburb.

From the rush of the Rouge River to teenagers swamping the mall to the signature screech of the RT, there have always been stories here in Scarborough. We’re looking for yours.



We invite you and all to submit original, unpublished work for an forthcoming print anthology. FEEL WAYS Volume 1 will focus on unique snippets of Scarborough as a landmark and landscape celebrating life and it's people. We are looking for stories from Scarborough. Stories may be speculative. Stories may be anticlimactic. Stories may be loud, and unapologetic, and proud. Stories may be poems and stories may be small snapshots. Flash Fiction (1500). Creative Nonfiction (1500). Poetry (100 lines).

Please submit to one genre only. You may submit multiple pieces in one file, as long as they are clearly titled and the total number of words or lines are below the limit. Ensure that no identifying information appears in your submission or on your file name. 

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Adrian De Leon, Rouge (2018)

Poetry Editor 

"Be daring with form in all its myriad glory. Let Scarborough’s everyday forms shape your piece, or remix ‘tradition’ with the unexpected flavor of our city. Just as this city’s spaces allow language to mingle, let your poems be a commons for a cacophony of voices."

Téa Mutonji, Shut Up You're Pretty (2019) 

Creative Nonfiction Editor

"A good piece of creative nonfiction should be a piece of true writing. Real stories told in spectacular ways. True stories about true feelings, true memories, true moments. Stories that go beyond the essay format, stories that bend, manipulate and challenge language. Don't be afraid to surpass the memoir as a guiding point. Don't be afraid of magical realism."

Natasha Ramoutar, Bittersweet (2020) 

Fiction/Flash Fiction

"Whether it’s urban legends, sitting at the Bluffs, or just loitering in the mall, there are thousands of places to draw inspiration from. Consider the sights, smells, tastes, touch and sounds as you write the east end. Unpack the moments that bring Scarborough to life in your flash fiction pieces."

Photography by "Kevin Young/Wildlife: A Scarborough Story"

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